Project details

  • Reference: “Archdiocesan Administration”
  • Type: Renovation, conservation and restoration
  • Location: Udine via Treppo
  • Project undertaken in: 1991-1992
  • Design:  Arch. Claudio Pillinini

This qualifies as one of many projects that have struck the correct balance between the compulsory and undeniably essential conservation of the building’s great historical and architectural value and the new demands linked to its vital use, in this
case as the headquarters of the archdiocesan administration. The Palazzo della Porta building dates from 1799 and was named after its first owner, The heritage service imposed substantial and significant restrictions to ensure the renovation would be functional. The salvaging of all existing parts and faithful reconstruction of damaged parts even extended to the timber beams and ceilings.

Structural walls were strengthened with injections of concrete and subsequent treatments to protect them from rising
damp. All existing window and door frames were restored and reused. The building was completely reroofed and much of the existing structure was salvaged. The building’s facades were given a polished lime treatment, according to 16th century techniques. The areas of the building frescoed with Quaglio’s paintings were restored with the aid of specialists. Restoration and reconstruction work included the various kinds of flooring: wood, terracotta, terrazzo, hollow terracotta tiles. The results achieved, under the watchful eye of the heritage officers, bear testimony to the fact that cultural interests and functional uses can go hand in hand, becoming complementary to the objectives of the project.