Project details

  • Type: Renovation of building for commercial tertiary sector
  • Location: Udine, via Vittorio Veneto
  • Project undertaken in: 2008
  • Design: Arch. Pierluigi Missio

The old premises of the Farmacia Asquini pharmacy are now occupied by the local branch of the Banca Popolare di Cividale bank. The building has been the subject of a radical renovation and restoration project. The facade on via Vittorio Veneto has been restored, reinstating the ancient decorations and mouldings. The timber ceilings have been reinforced with a concrete covering bonded to the existing structure with steel connectors. The deteriorated timber roof has been replaced and improved structurally with new timber beams while a ventilated insulation system was installed. Terrazzo flooring is used for the interiors, produced using epoxy resin-based binders. A new reinforced concrete stairwell was created inside the building, clad with “flame-treated” pietra piasentina stone and fitted with a hydraulic lift. The external steel doors and windows feature a brass coating and bullet-proof glass.