Project details

  • Reference: “PRESENÇANS”
  • Type: New build for industrial use
  • Location: Pasian di Prato (UD)
  • Project undertaken in: 2008-2009
  • Design: Arch. Paolo Zuliani

It was apparent that the plot of land in question within the ZAP 2 business estate in the Municipality of Pasian di Prato enjoyed high visibility since it sat practically on a corner, meaning it would stand out both to people on the local roads and to those travelling within the estate. Even the lay of the land was exploited to make the planned complex more architecturally interesting, by placing the three blocks of the building and their parts so that they followed the slope of the original plot. The project included the manufacture of a series of circular elements (flower boxes or tree planters), whose purpose is to link the different levels and gradients of the land made into roads and into pathways and drives leading up to the units. The materials adopted for the exterior consist in large insulated prefabricated elements, with a mixture of “Sarone” stone given a washed finish. The other prefabricated elements, such as the unusually so-called “fibula” shaped components, which are mostly placed vertically, are made from split Rosso di Verona limestone. Thermal-break aluminium joinery is used, using the curtain wall system. Roof trim and guttering are made from aluminium. The project gives a visibly strong solution in terms of colour since each unit has a different coloured front, both on the facade and in the colour of the joinery, which serves to make the actual unit more “recognizable”. The colours and combinations chosen, together with the colours of the prefabricated elements, have given the complex a strong 94 identity.