Private home

Project details

  • Type: New build for residential use
  • Location: Coderno di Sedegliano
  • Project undertaken in: 2007 – 2008
  • Design: Arch. Paolo Zuliani

The aim of the proposal we came up with was to produce an unconventional image of a residential building by adopting simple materials and shapes. The way the building is organized and its floor layout led to a roofing solution whereby both bodies of the building have a mono-pitch roof at opposing angles. The block housing the living areas is a two-storey parallelepiped with a gallery upper level and a mono-pitch roof that slopes to the south and hence opens up to a view of the mountains. This shape features two triangular additions, whose purpose is to extend the interior space and allow occupants to view and perceive the spaces and the link between indoors and outdoors. Again on the ground floor, the rectangular shape of the footprint is interrupted by an extension of the second block slotting into the first, thus defining the separation between the living areas and kitchen, marked by a masonry stove. The opposite part of the building, the “bedroom wing”, in turn consists of two parallelepipeds, a larger one at ground level, and a narrower one on the first floor: the roof, which is mono-pitch except for a very short stretch, slopes to the east, thus opening up to the light from the south west.