Dettagli Progetto

  • Reference: Residence in the old presbytery
  • Location: Cividale del Friuli (UD)
  • Design: Arch. Adriana Paolini,
  • Design: Ing. Giancarlo Tavano

Work to restore and conserve historical buildings in the heart of Cividale del Friuli dating from the 14th, 16th and 17th
centuries. The priests who were membersof the chapter of a cathedral and the bishop’s administrative advisers were known as canons and would reside in the presbytery (hence the Italian name casa dei canonici, literally house of the canons). The work carried out to maintain these historical buildings has allowed them to be converted to a new use as part of the covenant laid down by the diocesan institute for the maintenance of the clergy. Under the watchful eye of the heritage officers, previously walled up double and triple lancet windows in the cathedral chapter’s properties have been reinstated. Historical architectural values and the demands of modern living sit happily side by side in this major project.

The images show how the more ancient parts of the building complex have been revealed and enhanced. Stonework has been carefully and thoroughly restored, conserving the existing work and sympathetically rebuilding missing parts. The roof and ceiling timbers have been completely restored, replacing parts that were beyond salvaging. Floors have been relayed with “historical” reclaimed materials. The project stands as an important example of how the historical and architectural heritage of the city’s primary urban fabric has been successfully upgraded.